Where is the healing home "Shinshin-Yojoen" ? And where is it?
Izukogen is located in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has the highest mountain "Fuji-san" and is at the center of Japan. The weather is warm all the year around and we have a lot of great natures such as ocean, mountains and quality of hot springs. Thousands of tourists enjoy visiting here anytime. Shinshin-Yojoen is located on one of the mountains in Izu-Kogen.

We offer our original therapeutic programs such as oriental therapy (needle, shiatsu and fasting method) and psychological therapy (Kansei-Nikan method). Our programs are effective on many various kinds of diseases. Participants choose a course program involved with their disease or purpose and stay here for a couple of days or sometimes long periods.

What is "Yojo" ?
We often use the word "Yojo" in Shinshin-Yojoen. It means we cultivate a power to live by ourselves to have a healthy life. We think it is important to do Yojo well instead of seeing a doctor or going to hospital every time.

Our participants enjoy learning how to do Yojo, eat for daily meals, have a good lifestyle, have good mind, think and live independently. And also, they find something new in mind during their stay and through Kansei-Naikan.
What is our goal?
We hope you can practice an independent way of life and continue a good life-style after going back to your home and you can enjoy your great and fantastic life with your physical and mental health. Honestly speaking, this is our final goal. We are very glad if our program can be useful for your future life.
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