Feature - Eating Disorder -
Treatment for Eating Disorder

from Dr. Yutaka Oniki, Director of Shinshin-Yojoen (Body and Spirit treatment center)

Today the number of people suffering from eating disorders has been increasing. Most of them can't tell their problem to anybody and they are struggling alone in desperation. Even professional people have not succeeded to find a cure for eating disorders.
If there is a way out of this illness, it would be changing your way of living finding a remedy in your life.
"Why did I get an eating disorder? " "What is wrong with me?"

You will find those answers through NAIKAN*1 and you will be free of the bondage of your eating disorder. NAIKAN can help you to find a new healthy life by practicing KANSEI*2.

*1 NAIKAN = a psychological treatment to make your mind clear by facing yourself.
*2 KANSEI (Sensibility) = a way to live by connecting your mind with your words and behavior

"Sensibility" used here means Life itself and the ability to feel. This idea is based on a new concept of a Humanity System, "Human body and spirit are controlled by sensibility. "
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