Voice - Stories from eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia) after NAIKAN fasting treatment
Treatment for Eating Disorder

Today the number of people suffering from eating disorders has been increasing. Most of them can't tell their problem to anybody and they are struggling alone in desperation. Even professional people have not succeeded to find a cure for eating disorders.
If there is a way out of this illness, it would be changing your way of living finding a remedy in your life.
"Why did I get an eating disorder? " "What is wrong with me?"

You will find those answers through NAIKAN*1 and you will be free of the bondage of your eating disorder. NAIKAN can help you to find a new healthy life by practicing KANSEI*2.

*1 NAIKAN = a psychological treatment to make your mind clear by facing yourself.
*2 KANSEI (Sensibility) = a way to live by connecting your mind with your words and behavior.
"Sensibility" used here means Life itself and the ability to feel. This idea is based on a new concept of a Humanity System, "Human body and spirit are controlled by sensibility. "

Dr. Yutaka Oniki
The director of Body and Spirit treatment center

"10 years compulsive overeating, I want to get over it step by step for the next couple of years!"

I have been binging and vomiting for many years. I decided to try the treatment to rebuild my body by fasting and to find out what ties me to bulimia.
I was an athlete during my junior and senior high school days. Because of that I didn't gain weight even though I ate a lot. I finished high school and went to University. I was no longer an athlete but my diet was still the same. It was no surprise that I had gained weight so I started dieting to loose weight. That was the start of my binging and vomiting. It was about 10 years ago. Since then binging and vomiting became a part of my life. Today I binge and vomit one or two times a day and 5 days in a week.

Fasting in the treatment was not as hard as I had imagined and I managed to do it with discomfort in my stomach and hunger for 3 days. I did NAIKAN about two people, my mother and my husband. NIKAN made me realize that the relationship between my mother and me has been good for my 30 years. With my husband, I did it on whether I should tell him about my disease or not and I reached the conclusion that I need more time until I am ready to tell him. A dramatic change didn't happen to me through NAIKAN but this was a good opportunity to face myself and try to deal with my disease again.

I have come to the realization that I have learned binging and vomiting and it became a bad eating habit. Why and when I eat and what kind of stress causes compulsive eating, they don't matter any more. My disease is just habitual after continual binging and vomiting. Relearning how to eat might be the first step to break this habit. From now on I want to reduce the times of vomiting without pressure on myself. I will do it 4 times a week, which used to be every day. Next month I will try 3 times a week. I will walk the recovering journey slowly, slowly with no pressure. It is ok to spend 1 or 2 years to recover completely from my disease. I would like to get over it with confidence, which would come from achieving possible goals that I set. I believe 5 days of this treatment gave me strength in myself.

I was happy to meet people who had had treatment before I did. When they were leaving here, their face looked very fresh and their smile was full of life. I can't remember the last time I didn't have anything I had to do and I had such a good sleep. Just being relaxed surrounded by nature. This should be necessary for our life.

I think this experience will benefit my future and it gave me positive thinking. Now I would like to start studying something relating to counseling or diet.
(30-year-old Japanese female, Tokyo)

"NAIKAN and role lettering*3 led me to find clues about my eating problem! I could make my mind to stop overeating after NAIKAN on my mother."

When I decided to take the 5 nights 6 days fasting NAIKAN course, I didn't think much. I just wanted to loose weight by fasting and I thought it is lucky if my compulsive eating, which I have been suffering from for 5 years, would be gone at the same time.

I went to a mental hospital to change my eating and a doctor prescribed medicine for my eating. Even though the amount of medicine increased, my strange eating behavior was still the same. I could not sleep with the medicine and I was trapped in the cycle, medicineRcan't sleep R eatingR putting on weightRfasting dietR hunger Rbinge. I couldn't stop myself eating, knowing I was getting fatter. I hated myself and this self-loath was put towards my worrying parents.

NAIKAN made me realize that my parents have been giving me tremendous love. In spite of their love, what I have given them was nothing except worry and trouble. When I came to the realization, my mind was shouted, " I won't binge and vomit anymore!" Through NAIKAN it was found that the relationship with my ex-boyfriend has been affecting my eating. When I was with him, I did everything for him to get love from him. He knew how much I was craving his love and he was getting selfish and became to pay less attention to me. I couldn't tell him anything and I suffered alone. During that time I found "binging" and I rationalize his distant attitude towards me by binging. I tried to believe that he is not kind to me because I am fat and my body is at fault.This is the beginning of my distorted sensibility. "thin body = everything is fine" "fat body = a failer and he doesn't like me." Eventually I decided to break up with him because I hated myself in a fat body. He called me many times to get me back but I have never seen him again.

During the treatment, I did NAIKAN and role lettering on our relationship, putting myself in his position. I felt sorry about him. I cried. I found that

E He liked me because I had been cheerful and I had told my own opinion. I became gloomy and obsessive about my weight after we started going out.
E I broke up with him because I didn't want to show my fat body, not because I didn't love him any more. He could not understand why we had to break up.

I lost contact with him and today there is no way to find him. If I have a chance to see him again, I want to tell him about this. It was enlightening to figure out the root of my overeating through NAIKAN and role lettering. The thick fog in my mind begins to disappear and it became clear. From today I will allow myself to express what I am thinking without using the excuse of my size and I will try to love myself completely. I am so glad that I came to the Body Spirit Clinic. I feel I got more than I wanted. Dr.Onigi taught me the philosophy of the sensibility theory and my misunderstandings have been dissolved. Dr.Kadoya gave me massage and acupuncture treatment and it saved my heavy body during fasting days. Sugako's talk cheered me up. Takahiro's cooking was excellent. I want to say thank you to all of you! I will get on with my life with my goals with a healthy body and mind. I tried egg oil and Manda enzyme here, and they will help my body.

*3 Role lettering (correspondence) = a psychological therapy by writing a letter to someone and writing back to myself by putting myself in the other person's position. This therapy leads to insight by experiencing both of the positions.

(26-year-old Japanese female,Ibaraki)

"NAIKAN enabled to talk about my deeply hidden past and taught me the importance of speaking about it."

When I went to Shinsin Kenkou dou in Tokyo, I told my doctor about my compulsive eating. He suggested for me to come here to have treatment and I am here now.
My binging and vomiting history started when I was in school. Now I binge and vomit nearly every day. I am desperate to find a way to get out of it before my body breaks down. My treatment course was 2 nights and 3 days. On the second day my damaged stomach was screaming, but this morning on the last day, I feel better and fresh.

I did NAIKAN on my mother.I found that my distorted sensibility came after I started living alone and it was not from the relationship with my parents. I have experienced many awful things, which I don't want to tell anybody about, even my parents or friends. It is hard to change my feeling. We can't delete things that already happened. I don't regret my past any more. My past can be a strength in me. Through doing NAIKAN I became to be able to talk about my past. I feel it is important to tell it aloud to somebody. I knew this intellectually but I have never been able to do that. As long as I was thinking on my own, I could never let a new thought in. It is enough to know this for the reason I came here. I don't know what made my eating disorder yet, however, I believe my experience here will bring a big change in my future and I've set my mind on this positive thought.

Plum tea was a bit too much for my stomach while fasting, but the fresh garden salad was excellent and I had another serving.

I need to think about how I live in Tokyo after I come back from this treatment. I want to truly accept overeating myself and watch my mind for a better life style. Thank you.
(27-year-old Japanese female, Tokyo)

"I could understand what my disease did to me."
I am bulimic. I came here to understand more about my disease. I think I understand one important point:
First I ate and vomited to not feel.
Second I used sex to not eat and vomit.
Both of these behaviors are "distorted kansei".
I am very clear on this point. If you are bulimic reading this, maybe it will help you too.
(60-year-old American female,Tokyo)

Over the world there are many people struggling with eating disorders. You are not alone. Please come for NAIKAN treatment. Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese, our English speaking staff can help you.

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