Course & Tour Fee

Course & Tour Terms Fee
Shinshin Yojo Tour 2 nights (3 days) \48,000
Kansei Naikan Course 2 nights (3 days) \58,000
Danjiki (Fasting) Course 2 nights (3 days) \48,000
Danjiki (Fasting) Naikan Course 2 nights (3 days) \58,000
Long-term Course more days Please ask us
Option (Shiatsu & Moxibustion) \5,000 / each
1 The bus going around the villa houses including Shinshin-Yojoen is avilable.
2 If you would like to use other facilities such as hot spring and art gallery, please pay these addmision fees or additional cost by yourself.
3 During your stay, telephone is not available except for emergency or special cases.
4 50 % of your payment will be refunded if you cancell until the day before your arrival. All your payment will not be refunded if your cancellation is done on the day of your arrival.

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