Course & Program

Shinshin Yojo Tour (two nights)
You can participate in this tour anytime. We go to see some sightseeing spots around Izu-Kogen by car or on foot, and enjoy a great nature and hot spring. Our healthy menu of two meals a day (e.g. Ukokkei [silky fowl] Yakuzen dish) helps refreshing your body. You can learn about Yojo for your body and mind, involved with our treatment. So you can understand how the condition of your health is and what you should be careful to in the future.

Short-Term Courses (two nights)
These are the courses to cure your physical and mental problem. Three types are available for you. We provide our diagnosis and treatments such as needle, shiatsu, moxibustion and autonomic immunologic cure.

(1) Kansei-Nikan Course
Nikan is an oriental psychotherapy which is growing popular around the world. In many hospitals this therapy is widely used in the department of psychosomatic medicine. We usually see other people from our viewpoint. Nikan is a method by which we see ourselves from a viewpoint of the others. In a normal Nikan method you start to see yourself from viewpoints of your mother and father because they are actually rooted to you and based on your first human relationship.

Nikan will give you something more than your expectation. If you practice Nikan deeply, you will realize that your problems are something of prejudice, misunderstanding and false feeling. And also, you will have new feelings such as appreciation, gratitude and apology, and you will find a lot of tears welling up in your eyes. In addition, your distorted Kansei will be released little by little and start to work correctly with activation.
Nikan will help you find where your disease and distress come from. As a result, your diseased physical and mental condition will get better.

We think the purpose of Nikan is to improve your diseased body and mind through the release and revival of Kansei and help you achieve self-fulfillment. Therefore our Nikan method is different from normal Nikan. We call it "Kansei-Nikan".

In this course you concentrate on Nikan and have Japanese natural food (two meals a day). Before you begin to practice Nikan, we are going to talk carefully about Naikan and Kansei in English. You can easily take part in this course program.

In particular this course is effective for the persons who hope to recover from the root of disease and distress, and suffer from eating disorder (e.g. bulimia and anorexia), emotional disorder (e.g. alcoholics, insomnia, autonomic imbalance and psychosomatic disorder), life-style related diseases (e.g. diabetes and high-blood pressure) and rebellious disease (e.g. atopic dermatitis and cancer).

(2) Danjiki Diet Course
When you stop eating food, Danjiki (fasting) makes your internal organs restful and gets rid of some toxin or waste products to clean up your body. The current gene study shows us that Danjiki can switch on that type of DNA that we don't usually in our normal life.

Shinshin-Yojoen offers some kinds of Danjiki program suited for your purpose, physical constitution & capacity or medical condition. For example, you don't drink any water during Musui(No water)-Danjiki; you do half-Danjiki by taking a little bit of vegetable and fruit; you do a new type of Danjiki for taking enzyme and egg oil.

Most participants evacuate the fecal impaction that has stayed in your intestines for years and caused some of your diseases. Even if you cannot evacuate it well, you will realize that Danjiki makes your intestines and blood clean, and makes it easy to prevent constipation. We also provide some advice about your dietary habit, life-style and side dish (a special meal before normal eating) after your finishing this program and coming back to home.

You can enjoy taking a walk on Jogasaki natural trail, seeing art galleries around Izu-kogen station and taking a rest in nearby hot springs or other places if you hope. This is the program you can make your time during Danjiki.

In particular this course is available to the persons who want to have dietary effect, prevent constipation, improve life-style and get rid of physical and mental fatigue.

(3) Danjiki-Nikan Course
This course is to do Nikan and Danjiki at the same time. It is completely our original program. It can help you get rid of your physical and mental bad things and clean up both of them. Naikan and Danjiki have an important part for changing yourself. In other words, they have a great power to wash up your redundant things in your body and mind. Therefore you can bring back your native conditions such as honesty and pureness and think of yourself better than before.

Most participants tend to have no feeling to go out and do something during the practice of Danjiki. Instead of it, they can easily calm down and concentrate on Nikan, which is a method to see their mind.

Many people want to participate in this course these days and all of them are delighted with the result and accomplishment.

Long-term Course
This is the course to have a self-directed life depending on your own purpose. You can stay for long days to attain your purpose. (You can freely decide how many days it should be taken.)

It is available to the person who hopes to recover from life-style related disease or incurable disease, solve mental problem, think seriously about the way of life, go on a diet seriously and so on.
We will be ready for some special menus related to individual purpose, but we think it is very important to do self-activity during stay.

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